Move along please ... this page isn’t very interesting. You might be more interested in the results of tinkering with computers such as how to swap caps lock and control on various operating systems. There’s a fuzzy clock for those of you who use Windowmaker and think 19:32:53 is a little more precise than you needed. For those who use LaTeX for documentation or writing your papers there are some handy tricks and tips. Alternatively you maybe in the realms of debugging Windows applications. And if you are driven up the wall by annual appraisals how about having them automatically generated for you.

In slightly more ancient history there’s the details of my M.Sc. thesis in Artificial Intelligence.

And finally some real history of the genealogical kind which could of interest if you might be related to me, be it as a Glover or a Crowley (yes, including that Crowley), or more distantly via the Eteson or Whelpdale families.