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Windows Hacks

iTunes Play/Pause

I've got one of those fancy multimedia keyboards with a special key to pause/resume music. Unfortunately it didn't seem to work properly with iTunes. It would pause iTunes but not resume, and irritatingly maximised iTunes in the process. This is a little program that does what I want instead. It toggles iTunes playing/pausing without maximising the window and seems more reliable (for me). Download


A tool for Unix expatriates using Windows. Prints all it's arguments with \ changed to /. If given a -e flag it executes the command following the -e with all the other arguments mapped. I use it to get Emacs and GNUServ integrating nicely with Visual Studio. Download.


One for the programmers out there. I kept finding I was debugging code using OLE Dates and so kept looking at numbers like 38830 in the debugger and wondering what it was human terms (23rd April 2006 if you must know). I got bored of running Excel and using it for converting the values. This is a command line tool to do the conversion, interpretting each of it's arguments as a date and printing the human version.

>vbdate 38903 38790
38903 05/07/2006
38790 14/03/2006


*nix Hacks


This delays the execution of a program by a random amount of time. The time is limited by a the first argument value. There's probably some shell commands that do this but they weren't obvious so this is in C. Version 0.1.

Platform Independent Hacks

Rawdog Plug-ins

To format the RSS feeds that I want to watch I wrote a plug-in for Rawdog. It clumps the articles by feed rather than ordering them by time. You can download the plug-in. It was been tested with Rawdog version 2.3.

To install put it in your plug-ins directory. You'll probably want to add the articlesperfeed configuration option to your config (default is 30) and possibly up the maxarticles option. Because Rawdog 2.3 by default does things chronologically you'll also need set daysections and timesections configuration options to false (although the plugin will do this for you and print a warning if you forget).