wmFuzzy is WindowMaker dockapp that gives you an inexact clock as readable text. For instance it would say "twenty to ten" rather than "21:41:35". Download version 0.7.1.

Default view


  • Variable granularity, the approximation accuracy can be set to 5, 10, 15, 20, 30 or 60 minutes, 6 or 12 hours, day, section of week or month, month, year or century.
  • Customizable colours, both the foreground and background colours can be set.
  • Accurate time on demand, clicking on wmFuzzy causes the current time and date to be displayed to the nearest minute.
Several clocks with different approximations.

To Do

I think it has to be admitted that development on wmFuzzy has halted for the foreseeable future. I so rarely run Linux on the desktop these days that I just don’t need it. I start spending more time using Linux/Unix it may well be revived. In addition most of the features that I want or envisage are already there. The most compelling development would be a way of making it easier to translate. I actually went as far as writing an draft specification for now I envisage this working. The two other possible improvements I’ve considered are making the fonts and message displayed on clicking configurable.

I will try and put patches up when I get them if people still want to contribute (though past experiences suggests I might not be very speedy about it but I’ll try and improve). In the meantime the source code is now available at the BitBucket project.

Clicked view with nightmarish colours


Version 0.7.1

Release 23rd November 2004

  • Completed Italian translation from Fabio Bardon

Download version 0.7.1 as source.

If for some obscure reason you’re interested in earlier versions then the BitBucket project is the place to go.

Patches and Contributions

Andre Jonsson has sent me a Swedish translation patch for version 0.7.1.


wmFuzzy should just require a reasonable version of X and a C compiler. It is developed under SuSe 8.0 running XFree86 4.2.0 and GCC 3.2.2 and also tested under Debian 3.0 running XFree86 and GCC 2.95.4. As of version 0.3 it also compiles and runs out of the box on FreeBSD and as of version 0.6 it runs out of the box on OpenBSD.

Adam Weinberger has rolled wmFuzzy into the FreeBSD ports tree.

Not very gory technical details

It was initially written using a slightly modified version of the jDockApp library (which seems to have disappeared since). This has since been replaced by a home-brew version, that is a cross between jDockApp and the X code in wmBDay. The main advantages of doing this is more flexibility. For instance, the new version uses proper fonts rather than copying regions from a pixmap. This allows arbitrary colour text. It also holds the possibility of configurable fonts.

Other improvements are a layer seperating the application code and the display code. This means it should be fairly trivial to port wmFuzzy to, say, the Gnome taskbar. It should also be trivial to replace the clock functionality with a seperate application. Indeed a future release may have the display code as a library for sharing between applications.